sardine-run As the seasons and elements change, marine animals move around in the vast oceans in which they live. The specific reasons for migration may vary from temperature, to food source, to human activities – but the underlying reason is always to ensure their survival. This natural movement of animals has […]...

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Manta ray PADI card Has it been awhile since you updated your PADI Diver card? If you need to update the photo, or simply want a spare card, check out our new options for 2014. We have three exciting underwater images featuring the big creatures and unforgettable experiences divers dream about. Check out the […]...

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Phil Voss Phil Voss from Singapore is the first monthly winner in the PADI ‘Live The Diving Dream’ Contest (Asia Pacific). The Live the Diving Dream Contest is open to anyone who completes the PADI Divemaster course in the PADI Asia Pacific territory (1) in 2013. You simply enter, tell us what you enjoyed [...]...

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PADI Equipment specialist There are many advantages to owning your own dive equipment. Familiarity with a personal set of scuba gear means greater comfort and a better dive experience – but more importantly, it can help you avoid an emergency situation. From a safety perspective, owning your own gear ensures you know how [...]...

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ScubaEarth Milestones are coming fast and furious for the ScubaEarth community. In June, ScubaEarth hit 40,000 users, and this month we’re proud to announce that that number has climbed to 50,000! And as divers, we’re excited that there are just that many more users to interact with when we’re planning our [...]...

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