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​​​​​​​​​​​A major focal point of the meeting was the new ICES Strategic Plan launch in Brussels next week and finalizing the four sections of the Associated Plan (Science, Advice, Data and Information, and the Secretariat) that will implement the plan. 

Concluding work on each of the four sections of the Associated Plan will take place between now and mid-April, and this will be carried out by the Science Committee (SCICOM), the Advisory Committee (ACOM), the Data and Information Group (DIG) in cooperation with the Data and Information Centre, and the Secretariat. The Associated Plan will then be circulated to the Council and the Council Steering Group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (CSG MSFD) for final comments, before being endorsed and released by the Bureau at its June meeting.

Two special subgroups were also established by the Bureau. Firstly a Bureau Subgroup will develop a reporting format focused on the Performance Measures in the Associated Plan in order to monitor Strategic Plan implementation. A second Bureau Subgroup will look into the structure of Advisory leadership to ensure the structure is 'fit for purpose' in relation to the implementation of the Strategic Plan and to ensuring an efficient and effective organization.   ​

"The quarterly Bureau meetings are critical to ensuring that ICES delivers on its Strategic Plan and that we ensure an efficient and effective organization," said ICES President Paul Connolly.  "I look forward to meeting many of you at the launch of the ICES Strategic Plan, on Tuesday 4 March, 18-20, at the Norwegian Mission to the EU in Brussels."

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